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Our platform

Intelligent vehicle sharing, created by operators

TripIQ are working with the UK's leading independent car-sharing operator, Co-wheels Car Club, to develop an innovative vehicle sharing platform. Our fully managed, cloud hosted service gives operators the tools to provide a mobile-ready, cutting-edge vehicle sharing experience, using real-time vehicle, infrastructure and public transport data to deliver significant environmental and economic benefits to operators and the wider shared economy.

Real-time issue monitoring

Monitor and proactively resolve vehicle, booking and billing issues as they happen, keeping vehicle down-time and customer support queries to a minimum.

Intuitive rule builder

Construct the complex billing, customer experience and vehicle access rules that reflect your unique operational model through an intuitive rule management interface.

Bespoke account management

Provide a white-label experience for customers and organisations with unique business rules and role-based access, while retaining operational control and oversight.

Flexible billing

Automate card payments, bank transfers and regular invoices. Keep track of revenue through custom accounting package and payment gateway integrations.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Future development

Dig deep into your operational data to analyse key utilisation, operational and financial metrics. Discover how your operation can minimise costs and environmental impact.

Intelligent electric vehicle management

Future development

Combine live vehicle charge state information and charging post availability to maximise EV utilisation. Avoid the common customer support and operational issues associated with introducing EVs into shared fleets.

Comprehensive fleet management

Future development

Plan hassle-free vehicle movements, maintenance windows and regular checks. Track issues and service deadlines. Submit regular checks from your vehicles through an intuitive, mobile-ready interface.

Public transport integration

Future development

Incorporate public transport schedules, live data and 3rd-party electronic payment methods into your operational model to provide your customers with a truly integrated service.

Our technology

Future-proof your vehicle-sharing operation

Mobile first

Mobile devices are the future of intelligent vehicle sharing, making trip-sharing, clever scheduling and self-service customer support possible without the need for expensive telematics upgrades. Don't worry, we understand the importance of legacy systems too.

Integration ready

Our modular, API-first platform allows us to integrate third party applications and share data while maintaining the security and stability of our core services. You shouldn't need to change your CRM, telematics provider or payment gateway; we'll support them wherever possible.

Rolling releases

We have big ideas and we want to share them with you. Informed by operator feedback, emerging technology and our innovative long-term vision for integrated transport, continuous delivery of new features will keep our platform at the cutting edge of the industry.


We're serious about security and have the engineering team to prove it. Our operator network is PCI and ISO compliant and we've taken every step to ensure our environments are secured to the highest standards.


Every feature we release has been rigorously tested from conception to deployment. Extensive redundancy measures and regular automated backups mean you don't have to worry about downtime or data loss.


Our in-house operator management system will scale up your operation instantly in response to demand. Whether you are serving 10 drivers or tens of thousands, you and your customers will experience a consistently lightning-fast experience.

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